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Daja M. Rice on playing HESTHER SALOMON in “Equus”! (Interview Excerpt)

Who is Hesther Salomon to you?
Hesther Salomon, to me, is a symbol of balance, compassion, and reality.

What are your favorite things about Hesther? What are you least favorite things about her?
My favorite thing about Hesther, and also what attracted me to her character, is her compassion for Alan in a time when she could have thrown him away. She is in a position to lock him up and throw away the key (so to speak), but she chooses to advocate and fight for him so that he can have another opportunity to use his peculiar qualities to thrive in a society that he was once isolated from.

My least favorite thing about Hesther is that she is so laser-focused on “restoring” Alan, that she doesn’t realize that she is sacrificing her friend (Martin) in exchange for Alan’s restoration. Even when he tries to confide in her about his experience, she encourages him to tuck his candid thoughts and feelings away instead of helping him work through them.

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