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EST. June 1st, 2017


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Our Story

Daja and Jonathan met in April, 2013 during a community theatre production of Dream Girls in Durham, NC. Daja played the role of Effie White and Jonathan played the role of her younger brother, CeCe. After dating for three years, Jonathan, older and already having some of the experiences Daja was just beginning to embark on, proposed just days before Daja was scheduled to begin a year-long national tour. Despite the foreseen challenges due to distance, Daja said yes to a lifetime with her best friend and confidant. Though being thousands of miles apart while co-planning a wedding and preparing themselves to be a husband and wife, they persevered and said their “I do’s” on the evening of Thursday, June 1st, 2017. Together, The Rices support each other in their individual endeavors and work together to build a legacy they can pass down to their future children.

The cast of ANFO Productions’  Dream Girls , 2013

The cast of ANFO Productions’ Dream Girls, 2013

Daja and Jonathan at their engagement gathering, 2016

Daja and Jonathan at their engagement gathering, 2016


365 Things I Know About Marriage

The road to marriage and beyond!

“You haven’t been married that long, so you don’t know anything about it and you have nothing to offer.” Not really. No one on earth is all-knowing, we are ever learning, ever discovering, ever evolving, even in marriage… especially in marriage! Every couple, seasoned or new, learns something new every day. The Rices are willing to share what they do know - their experiences and learn-able moments - to offer a fresh perspective, founded on biblical standards, on the topics of being single, courtship, the road to marriage and beyond! Invite The Rices to sit on your next single/marriage panel, facilitate an upcoming engagement workshop, or perform at your next couples event!

Ask The Rices

Are you single, seriously dating, engaged to be married, or fresh over the threshold? Wherever you are in your love story, The Rices are here to share with you and lift you, your partner, or your concerns in prayer. So, ask away!

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Daja and Jonathan singing at their wedding, 2017

Daja and Jonathan singing at their wedding, 2017