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Jonathan Rice

singer. minister. professional coach.

Jonathan Rice, originally from Henderson, NC, is a higher education professional with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College. He is a minister of the Gospel who has served in ministry faithfully for fifteen years preaching and leading worship. Whether he is serving his local ministry, performing, writing/producing a musical, or providing background vocals for Gospel elite, he is always seeking out opportunities to fulfill his God-assignment in the earth and bring glory to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Most recently, Jonathan has taken on the role as a Certified True Colors® Facilitator.

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True Colors is a model for simply understanding oneself and others based on personality temperaments. Our services provide insights into different motivations, communication approaches, ethical behaviors for a host of audiences such as professional staff, students, youth, project committees,  ministry auxiliaries leadership teams and more!

Our main goal in the Personal Success Workshop is to help you embrace your own potential, recognize the potential in others, and celebrate the joy, value, and strength of your unique blend of what each person brings to the table. Our Personal Success Training creates an environment that allows participants to discover their True Colors and also apply the characteristics of each color to their personal and professional success. 

True Colors®

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