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Daddy’s girl:
from heartbreak to redemption

By Daja M. Rice

Daja M. Rice, through an autobiographical story about her process of heartbreak to redemption with her biological father, inspires women to acknowledge and embrace the power of the father/daughter relationship. Rice also shares personal experiences, nuggets of wisdom, and effective strategies to promote healing and redemption.

A Note from the Author: It has become somewhat of an epidemic, children being raised without fathers. It’s not a Black thing; many people across all races, genders, and creeds have grown up in “broken homes”. For some, they will never have the opportunity to foster a relationship with their biological fathers at all, let alone nurture one back to health. However, there are “us privileged folk” who have a father who loves us dearly but just couldn’t seem to get it right. Are you one of those folks?


A Mindset Freed:
A Black History Musical Drama

By Jonathan M. Rice

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