The Rices Enterprises

The Rices Enterprises is an umbrella company that houses the multifaceted brand of husband and wife, Jonathan and Daja Rice. The Rices specialize and produce projects in Music, Books, and Theatre, as well as promoting personal, professional, and artistic development through various symposiums and workshops.


Jonathan M. Rice

Jonathan Rice, originally from Henderson, NC, is a higher education professional and minister of the Gospel who attained his Business Administration degree from North Carolina Wesleyan College. Whether he is serving his local ministry on the administrative board, ministering internationally, writing/producing a musical or providing background vocals for Gospel elite, he is always seeking out opportunities to utilize every one of his God-given gifts to upbuild the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Most recently, Jonathan has taken on the role as a Certified True Colors® Facilitator, through which he assists individuals and groups in exploring the colors of Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue, which are used to differentiate the four central True Colors® personality styles for personal, professional, and artistic development. 

Daja M. Rice, is originally from Spring Valley, NY. Aside from serving in ministry with her husband, Daja is an internationally acclaimed professional theatre performing artist and playwright who attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance and Education from North Carolina Central University and currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting at University of Georgia. Daja has spent most of her career performing on the stage and enhancing the personal, professional, and artistic development of youth and adults through the performing arts. Daja M. Rice is also a playwright and an author.

Together, Daja and Jonathan continue to hone their individual crafts and develop new ones as a team. Whether in the church or on the stage, they want everything they do to inspire others and glorify God.

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Daja M. Rice

Daja M. Rice